The idea of a luxury SUV might have seemed something out of fiction just a few short years ago, but the fantastical might just become reality.

Lamborghini unveiled its luxury SUV, the Urus, at the Beijing Auto Show. The Urus is a 600 horsepower crossover with a 600-horsepower engine and 24-inch wheels as well as full-time all-wheel-drive and superior road performance, according to CNN Money.

This is not the first SUV Lamborghini has unveiled. The first Lamborghini SUV, the LM002, was available between 1985 and 1992. Only 300 were ever built, according to CNN Money. Production of the Urus could hit 3,000 per year, making it the largest-selling Lamborghini model.

The Urus will reportedly have a price tag somewhere around $200,000 and could be available on the market as early as 2015.

Lamborghini is not the first luxury car brand to unveil an SUV concept at the 2012 Auto Shows.

Bentley, which saw a 55.3 percent increase in sales revenue in 2011, unveiled its EXP 9 F SUV Concept at the New York International Auto Show on April 4. Christophe Georges, COO and president of Bentley Motors of America, told the International Business Times that he is very excited for Bentley's concept SUV, as Bentley customers have been asking for a car of that sort for ages now.

It has taken the world a little bit by surprised because not a lot of people expected it, said Georges. So for us today it is a concept, it is our interpretation of what an SUV could be for Bentley. The focus for the Bentley SUV is maintaining the brand's DNA but amping it up to a new level.

So at this stage we are gauging customer reactions ... and later this year we will make a decision to put it into production or not. But we are quite confident because a lot of our customers have been asking for it for quite a long time. You know, they have several cars in their portfolio and want an SUV for practicality and because it is a convenient car for the family or whatever. And they are asking us to design something for them because they feel limited in their choice, he said.

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