The universe of political memes has become inundated with goofy faces and sarcastic captions in this presidential race. But a new tumblr offers what may be the 2012 election's creepiest smattering of photoshopped hilarity yet. World, please welcome littlefacemitt, a collection of photos of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney's face shrunken within his head.

But where does it rank among the greats?

The meme-fest began two days ago, with a photo of Romney before a microphone, his mouth, nose and eyes noticeably smushed into the middle of his face. The overall effect, though goofy, was rather mild. Then, predictably, the meme took on a life of its own.

Soon TinyFaceMitt became laden with photos that crossed barriers of taste, hilarity and in some cases bordered on the artful. Witness this gem of a Mitt Romney that goes from bloviating to goofy. Or the self-referencing faux Newsweek cover, with a headline that reads "The Tiny Face Factor."

The meme reached its first pop culture fulcrum, merging topicality, a summer blockbuster and hilarity with a tiny-face Romney imposed behind "The Dark Knight Rises" character Bane's breathing mask (get it?!)

LittleFace isn't Romney first unintentional foray into the Internet lexicon, with "The Relatable Romney Meme" ranking as the current champion of Romney-bashing online.

It should be noted that few memes bashing President Barack Obama actually take off into the stratosphere of online popularity. That's not to say they don't exist, but it seems the left's strangehold on the social Web remains strong. Want to make fun of a conservative and/or Republican? You'll get pretty far on Reddit. But save the Barack-hating for elsewhere.

At the moment, TinyFaceMitt falls somewhere between Obama's somewhat tepid "Cool Story, Bro" meme and the ubiquitous "Not Bad" rage face. But could TinyFace be one facial expression away from black-and-white immortality?

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