During a major regional basketball recruiting showcase, where many young prospects play in front of college assistant coaches and other scouts, it's typical that competition is played at an extremely high level. That's why many in attendance of a recent showcase in North Carolina were stunned when a referee decided to call an entire game from a folding chair set up in the middle of the court.

The lazy referee was caught on video at the recent ScoutsFocus Elite Showcase in Greensboro, N.C., where players pay large sums of cash to participate in a highly competitive game of basketball with other elite players. While the hopeful basketball players shelled out wads of cash, this referee sat back -- literally -- and call the game from the comfort of a chair.

The woman sitting while officiating is named Nicole Henry according to the list of referees for the event that Yahoo reported on. It's likely that Henry is officiating as a part time job, but it hardly justifies her taking a blatant disregard for the high-stake competition taking place between some of the most talented young men from around the region.

There is a small chance that Henry sat because of health issues, but if that was the case, she didn't bother to explain to anyone at the event or to any of the media that has reported on her behavior since the March 17 competition. The referee had been standing up during morning games reports Yahoo. It also reports that Henry called approximately the first five minutes of her final two games from her feet before walking back to the folding chair and taking a seat.

Here's video of the lazy-referee incident:

What do you think?

Do you think it's fair for these young players to pay huge sums of money in order to compete in a game that's officiating from a person that's watching the game from a seat in the middle of the court?

For better context, here are highlights from a ScoutsFocus competition in Greensboro, N.C.: