The iPod Nano As Wristwatch
Leaked photo shows Apple will add a camera to 7th generation iPod Nano

If you go by a leaked photo of the upcoming seventh generation Apple iPod Nano, there is going to be a camera on this iconic product soon. Taiwanese Apple-related blog published a purportedly leaked photo of the seventh generation iPone Nano in the works, with a camera hole on it.

While the new model has only the size and display of the current model, there are questions as to how this will accommodate a camera as well. Apple has tinkered with the features of the iPod several times in the past, adding something every year, only to take these away at the next launch, apparently trying to tune its iconic products to the quicksilver consumer tastes.

There were features like video recording, a widescreen display, and video playback in the fifth-generation iPod nano, points out. However, Apple dropped these features and added a smaller-form factor, a Multi-Touch display, an iOS-like user interface, and a belt for sixth generation model.

But some fans are bemused Apple is now fancying a camera. The idea of a Camera now, on this micro device, is just a head shaker. The device has officially gotten too small to be useful (IMO), and now they're going to add a camera? For what purpose? asks PMZanetti on a discussion forum in

The problem with the Nano is that it basically IS the iPod shuffle, and costs 3 times as much. Unfortunately, as good of an idea as it was, the multi touch screen added nothing in way of features, but forced the cost to stay as high as the previously useful Nano. It’s not truly an iOS device, so no potential for quality software updates, or App Store. Or Even MUSIC store for that matter, he wrote.

The addition of a camera to the next iPod nano could be an attempt by Apple to appease critics. Some initial reviews of the sixth-generation iPod nano were disappointed by the lack of a camera, noting that Apple had given and taken away, AppleInsider said in a report.

The iPod is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple and launched on October 23, 2001. The product line-up includes the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the video-capable iPod Nano, and the compact iPod Shuffle.