The Les Paul Google Doodle may be the sickest doodle to date.

In honor for what would have been legendary electric guitarist Les Paul's 96th birthday, Google rolled out an interactive electric guitar.

The Les Paul Google doodle has cool visual effects, a nice guitar sound, and well-chosen notes from pleasant-sounding cords. With that set up, you can just happily strum around for hours. You can also press the record button to save a 30-second long tune you played.

(As an aside, playing notes freely with an understanding of chords is basically what improvising is in music).

The Les Paul Google guitar can either be played by hovering your mouse over the strings or by pressing your keyboard.

Not surprisingly, musicians all over the web have come up cool songs that can be played with the notes available on the Les Paul Google doole.

Below are several songs YouTube users have figured out how to play. The keys you have to press are either typed out in the video itself or in the YouTube description of the video: