Over the last few years Lindsay Lohan's appearance has been synonymous with her mental state. During her worst moments, including arrests and rehab stints, she has look like anything but a movie star. Countless photos show the starlet in poor condition, with unkempt nails, a worn out face, and hair that was over-processed. Yet this year seems to be the one that Lindsay wants to make count in her favor. She claims to be cleaning up her act and though she phoned in her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, some believe her.

Now Hollywood Life reports that she has returned to her natural hair color. For most actresses, this wouldn't be a major image alteration. However, Lohan's bleeched out locks have never served her well. Since the star rose to fame in 2004, she has gone through various different colors. Here's a look at Lindsay's ever-evolving hair over the years!