On Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan filed a suit against New York City-based publisher Take Two Interactive, alleging that one of the company’s subsidiaries, Rockstar Games, stole her likeness for the action-adventure game “Grand Theft Auto 5,” which launched last fall for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Many people assume that Lohan is claiming the popular “GTA Bikini Girl,” the voluptuous blonde bombshell featured on many of the game’s posters, looks exactly like her.

gtabikinigirl Lindsay Lohan isn't claiming this girl looks like her. Photo: Courtesy/Rockstar

Despite a resemblance, that isn’t the case.

Lohan is actually claiming that Rockstar used her image for in-game character Lacey Jonas, an anorexic actress constantly on the run from voracious celebrity photographers and fans.

lacey Lohan alleges Lacey Jonas looks just like her. Photo: Courtesy/Rockstar Games

Lacey Jonas is only a minor character in the game – but sadly, her words, actions and insecurities could mirror a number of famous actresses.

When you find Lacey in “GTA 5,” she’s hiding in an alleyway from a mob of paparazzi in Downtown Vinewood. Your mission is to take her home without killing anyone. During your interaction, Jonas continually complains about the burdens of being famous. She also alludes to her vapid lifestyle, spewing out the following phrases:

“I am so fat, oh my God, they cannot get a shot of me!”

“How’s my hair? Do I look cute?”

“I’m the voice of a generation!”

“I’m the closest thing to royalty these people have!”

Lohan also claimed that Lacey’s clothing, voice and overall style are similar to her own. She also accused Rockstar of copying her temporary residence – West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, where the actress has an outstanding bill of $46,000.