London-born David Haye will put his WBA title on the line against Wladimir Klitschko's WBO, IBF, and IBO crowns, in a heavily anticipated heavyweight fight on Saturday night in Hamburg, Germany.

This is the first major heavyweight fight in several years and it features two quality champions that are looking for more recognition. Both fighters have a seven-year winning streak going for them.

Klitschko (55-3, 49 KO), and Haye (25-1, 23 KO) have contrasting styles, so the fight might be very interesting from a strategic standpoint.

At 6'7, Klitschko's strengths are his size, speed, a very good jab, defense, a reach advantage, and an excellent right cross, which sounds like a winning arsenal. But what the Ukranian has working against him is an overly cautious approach, a questionable chin, and perhaps limited intensity. In many ways, those negatives are hard to overcome in the heavyweight division.

This will be Klitchko's biggest test since Hasim Rahman in 2008, and at 35 this might be his last major fight. In Haye, he is facing a fighter who is not intimidated by him, and desperately wants respect in this weight class.

Haye's strengths are his foot and hand speed and a knockout punch, which might be enough for him to floor the taller fighter. He lacks experience, and is considered a beefed up cruiserweight who is missing the size to compete against a top contender.

What Haye also has working against him is an interest to retire in October. It doesn't look good to make that assertion when the most high-profile fight of your life is coming up.

However, Haye has talked a big game going into this fight, so he at least is giving the impression that he really wants to win, and defeating a Klitchko brother immediately gives you major prestige.

Saturday night, two big names in the heavyweight class go for perhaps their final noteworthy fights of their career.