Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips announces that he will direct an episode in “Longmire” Season 6. Pictured: Actor attends the screening of “The 33” during AFI Fest 2015 in Hollywood on Nov. 9, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Lou Diamond Phillips announced that he will be directing an episode for “Longmire” Season 6.

On his Twitter account, Phillips confirmed that he will direct the second episode of the upcoming season. “Ah, but I am here! I have the honor of directing the second episode so I'm cooking my vegetarian DP dinner while we research. #Longmire,” the “La Bamba” star wrote.

This will be Phillip’s first “Longmire” episode as a director, Cartermatt reported. However, he is not new to the job. Phillips helmed the 2002-2003 revival of the “Twilight Zone” and also directed “The Outer Limits.”

Phillips will continue to play the character of Henry Standing Bear in “Longmire” Season 6. Henry is Walt Longmire’s (Robert Taylor) best friend and confidant. Phillips is up for a bigger challenge this time, as taking on acting and directing roles is not an easy task.

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“Longmire” Season 6 will have 10 episodes and it will be set in Santa Fe. The writers and producers remain mum about the details of the upcoming season. It is also not confirmed if Phillips will be directing himself. The last season ended in a cliffhanger with Henry in grave danger, leaving viewers wondering if he will survive.

A separate report from Cartermatt revealed that the premiere episode of the upcoming season is titled, “The Eagle and the Osprey.” Executive producer Hunt Baldwin wrote the episode while director TJ Scott returned to helm it.

According to the report, the title of the premiere episode is be similar to the World War II book written by David G. Weaver. Longmire is well-read, so there are chances that the episode will relate to the book but there is no guarantee for this.

“Longmire” Season 6 will premiere in 2017.

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