Here’s a look back at what happened in “Longmire” Season 4 before Season 5 starts. Netflix

“Longmire” is returning to your screens! Before diving into the new season of the Netflix series, here is a quick look at what happened in Season 4, which aired a year ago.

To cut to the chase, here’s one of the season’s surprises: Branch (Bailey Chase) was killed. Despite Walt’s (Robert Taylor) covert desire to pin the murder on Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez), whom he thought was also responsible for his wife’s death, it turned out Nighthorse was innocent. Walt discovered that the murderer is Barlow (Gerald McRaney). The villain did not have much going for him and was gone by the third episode.

Since Nighthorse was proven innocent and was revealed to have funded Cady’s (Cassidy Freeman) reservation practice, the show’s main villain shifted into something a little less abhorrent. It was also revealed that the act that has been pinned on him for a long time -- running an illegal loaning business in his casino -- was not actually his doing. Malachi (Graham Greene) was the culprit. However, there’s no sign that Nighthorse will cross over completely to the good side.

Meanwhile, Walt and Chief Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) worked together despite their past. Zachary (Barry Sloane) worked with Longmire, although he did not last long and was gone by the season’s end.

In the end, the season put up a strong foundation for more installments. In the finale of the last season, there was a cliffhanger, which will hopefully be given an answer in the upcoming season. An armed person shot at Walt and Donna (Ally Walker) while in a compromising position. Who was it?

Here’s what fans can expect in the new season of the action-packed show. The story will pick up where the last one left off. Walt will wake up in the hospital, trying to figure out what had happened and who was behind it. Walt will also try to figure out how his relationship with Donna will continue. The character will also face the fact that someone is hunting him down. While all those are heavy, the biggest struggle Walt will face is the betrayal of his daughter, who made a deal with his longtime enemy Nighthorse.

“Longmire” Season 5 will premiere Sept. 23 on Netflix.