Here’s a look back at what happened in “Longmire” Season 4 before Season 5 starts. Netflix

“Longmire” is about to return on-screen!

After a year of waiting for Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) to get back in action, the day has finally come. The series will return for its second run on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 23. The series will pick up where Season 4 left off and offer new challenges for Walt. As suggested by the poster for the season, loyalty and betrayal will be the overarching themes.

In the final episode of Season 4, Walt and Donna (Ally Walker) were caught in a state of undress by an unidentified man. The two were shot by the man. The new season will open with a flashback of that night and continue with how Walt will deal with what happened. The new installment will also tackle how Walt and Donna will continue on with their relationship after the attack.

Aside from the tension between Walt and Donna, there will also be great tension between Walt and Cady (Cassidy Freeman). The synopsis for the new season teases a rift between Cady and Walt brought by Cady’s betrayal. Cady made a deal with Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez), her father’s worst enemy, and naturally, Walt will find it difficult to grasp the idea that his daughter went behind his back.

Walt will definitely have a hard time dealing with his personal relationships this season, while some of the characters will have different kinds of journeys. Vic (Katee Sackoff) will experience a different kind of freedom. Ferg (Adam Bartley), meanwhile, will start a new relationship. It might not exactly be all good, though, as Ferg’s new partner might not be who they say they are. The new season will also be difficult for Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) as he will be faced with the dilemma of picking a side from two parties he is both allied with.

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