• Metta World Peace posted photos of him Dennis Rodman and Zab Judah together with Mike Tyson
  • Tyson was photographed shooting an imaginary ball while wearing a Lakers jersey
  • Rodman revealed he and Tyson had a lot of things in common

Metta World Peace, Dennis Rodman and Zab Judah spent some time with Mike Tyson in a Brooklyn gym.

Tyson has been busy training for his epic boxing comeback. He is set to face fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match on Nov. 28. Ahead of his ring return, he was visited by his old pals Rodman, World Peace and Judah.

The former Lakers star posted some photographs of him, Rodman and Judah, chatting and having a great time with “Iron Mike” on social media.

Tyson can be seen wearing a classic Los Angeles Lakers Jerry West jersey and was even photographed shooting an imaginary ball.

“Just a great time with some real dogs,” World Peace wrote.

In one of the photos, World Peace wrote a short dedication to Rodman, who appeared to be speaking to them when the photo was taken.

“When Dennis talks, listen. Man. I changed my number to his number 91. I wanted DPOY in the jersey so bad. I didn’t even realize to right now, 91, suspension, in Detroit wearing a real Detroit Pistons jersey number. Zab and Mike [in] Brooklyn. What a day,” he tweeted.

Apart from being famous for his wild partying during his NBA days, Rodman was also friends with an array of prominent persons across the globe. Some people may not know, but he and Tyson were actually good friends as well.

During his appearance on “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” in May, “Worm” revealed the shocking similarities between him and Tyson both as a person and a professional.

“One thing I like about Mike Tyson when he came up at fifteen, sixteen years old is our life is so parallel, as far as when we’ve been brought up,” Rodman revealed.

“We didn’t have any guidance,” he continued. “We just wanted to do our profession and we were pretty green behind the ears. But when you meet good people at the beginning that’s putting you in the right direction to do something very well. That’s very heartfelt because once you have been abandoned when you’re a youth, like twelve, thirteen, or fourteen years old.”

“I lived in East Dallas in a rough neighborhood and Mike you grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn. You cant imagine what it was like."

Aside from being bad boys in their respective sport, Rodman and Tyson also shared the same experiences as parents.

“The fact that it’s very difficult to live life playing sports today and trying to be a parent,” the former Bulls star pointed out. “That’s difficult. Mike [Tyson] knows what am saying.”

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson vows to disable Roy Jones Jr. on Nov. 28, 2020. Getty Images | Donald Kravitz