Call into 614-LULZSEC and pick a target and we'll obliterate it.

Hack-activist group, LulzSec, who have attracted attention due to its recent attacks on Sony, Ninetendo and US broadcaster PBS, has opened a new hack request line to enable its fans to send hacking requests.

The group mentioned in its twitter feed that they have already distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) against eight such suggested sites. Besides this, the group has also claimed to have attacked the Escapist Magazine, an online gaming magazine; Eve Online, a video game by CCP Games; Minecraft video game and League of Legends.

Callers to the US number are met with a recorded message, in a heavy French accent, by an individual calling themself Pierre Dubois, the BBC reported.

Within 18 hours of their twitter announcement, the company posted that they have already recieved 5000 missed calls and 2500 voicemails.