Apple MacBook Pro
The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar just arrived this week, but there is already an issue that Google or Apple needs to address as soon as possible. Apple

Apple’s iOS Night Shift feature that makes screen display easier on your eyes, is coming to the Mac, the 10.12.4 update to public beta testers shows, according to MacRumors.

The feature will be a relief to night owls on their computers at late hours.

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 will include Night Shift mode to the Macs, which will let users reduce blue light exposure. Blue light is believed to be more harmful than yellow, since it impacts sleep by distressing the body's circadian rhythm. The update lets users choose color temperature, with the option of going really orange.

How To Go On Night Shift Mode on Macs

The laptop’s display automatically switches from cool to warm at sunset and then shifts back at sunrise, according to MacRumors. You can also customize what time you want the display colors to shift, or switch it on manually in the Notification Center or System Preferences. Siri can switch the screen display as well.

The beta update is currently available to developers, but should be released to the public soon.

The Night Shift feature was first released with iOS 9.3. It allows iPhone users to schedule the feature, choose the color temperature and also has the option to manually enable until the next day in Settings.