After dabbling in the Marvel universe, publisher D3 Go has decided to focus on the lore of another popular franchise with “Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest.” The game will be hitting the iTunes App Store and Google Play on Dec. 10 and fans can check out the title in action with the launch trailer below.

The trailer is a fairly impressive one, with App Trigger complimenting the use of dramatic music to make it feel more epic. While the trailer is essentially 49 seconds of match-3 gameplay, the character designs from the card series and the animations used to signify damage to make the mobile title fairly intriguing.

Like a number of match-3 games, “Magic: Puzzle Quest” will have players building a powerful deck that can topple any challenger, which is fitting since “Magic” is most well known as a trading card game. Fans will probably get a kick out of seeing their favorite cards in action like this, while also keeping the match-3 game accessible to newcomers who might show interest in the franchise.

Since it’s the most popular payment method in mobile gaming, “Magic: Puzzle Quest” will be free-to-play, with transactions done to get specific items early. Fans complimented the somewhat fair microtransactions for “Marvel: Puzzle Quest,” so it would be good to see that return for this mobile game.

Much like the Marvel version, Droid Gamers has confirmed that this iteration of “Puzzle Quest” will also have its fair share of events, quests and even tournaments. There’s also a proper campaign mode for players to compete in and it will be interesting to see it expand with future updates.

For those not familiar with “Puzzle Quest” or match-3 roleplaying games (RPG), here’s the gist. Basically games like these take the gameplay seen in most puzzle games and mixes things up by using them as a battle system, with very addictive results.

Fans of the genre or “Magic” can pick up the game for free on Dec. 10 for wither iOS or Android. The game had been in soft launch for quite sometime, so hopefully plenty of tuning up was done to provide for a fun experience.

Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot Mobile)