It looks as if the makers of “Magic: The Gathering” are taking a page out of the book of “Hearthstone.” The new mobile game, based on the popular trading cards “Magic Duels,” has been released for the iTunes App Store. It will not only be free to play, but will get constant updates with new “Magic” cards.

Initially, the game was going to be called “Magic Duels Origins,” but the “origins” was dropped for unknown reasons.

Much like the “Hearthstone” mobile game, “Magic Duels” will be constantly updated with new “Magic: The Gathering” cards that can be purchased by playing the game constantly or through in-app purchases (IAP), as stated by Touch Arcade. The game will reportedly have more replayability than previous mobile efforts, such as "Duels of the Planeswalkers." As a result, this will be the only “Magic” game for mobile users, thanks to the constant updates that will make sure fans have the latest and greatest cards.

Fans should expect “Magic Duels” to take up a lot of space, again like “Hearthstone,” as it will be a 1.02 GB app. In addition, Pocket Gamer has reported that it will not support any Apple iPhones older than iPhone 5S. Players with tablets will need to upgrade to either an Apple iPad mini 2 or an iPad Air.

One thing that might be worrisome about the game is what will happen to the “Magic: The Gathering Online” game for PC users, the title of which fans have shortened to “Magic Online.” While it currently fills the void for PC gamers, the fact that there is a mobile “Magic” game that’s free to download, and has generous ways of getting over IAPs, could prove troubling for the PC title.

“Magic Duels” is available for download now and is exclusive to Apple iOS devices via the iTunes App Store. So far, no plans have been revealed for a Google Android version. 

Magic Duels: Origins—US Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Magic: The Gathering)