• Freddie Beckitt from London has been earning money by queueing for others
  • Beckitt charges £20 [around $27] per hour for his service
  • He also advertises himself for several other odd jobs like pet sitting, packing, errands and gardening through online sites

While most people dread the thought of standing in long queues, a 31-year-old from the U.K. has made an unusual profession out of it. Freddie Beckitt from London earns money by standing in queue for other people who don't wish to stand in line.

Beckitt, who is a historical fiction writer, identifies himself as a "professional queuer". He charges £20 [around $27] per hour for standing in line and says he earns more than $200 a day by queueing for others, Lad Bible reported.

After working for the past three years, Beckitt says he has become an expert in standing out in blazing summer and in the freezing winter. He has clients ranging from families with children to pensioners and stands in queues for shopping, getting tickets for exhibitions, museums, movies, and shows.

Beckitt says the best part of his job is when has to wait in line to get tickets for popular events and shows. "I also do seasonal and Christmas shopping queuing, but big events that people know about in advance, is normally when people think to book me in to save them time."

In many cases, standing in line and getting tickets gets over in a few hours but Beckitt says, he then waits for a few more hours until his customers arrive to hand them their tickets.

Beckitt says his family and friends were initially amused by his strange choice of profession but it has worked well for his writing schedule. "Unfortunately I don't think I can charge any more than £20 an hour and it doesn't require any skill or even hard work. But it gives me lots of flexibility to earn and fit it about my writing schedule," he adds. However, he says it is not easy money as this profession calls for a lot of patience.

Apart from earning money from standing in queues, Beckitt also advertises himself for several odd jobs like pet sitting, packing, errands, and gardening through various online sites. "The clients just select you from the roles you've listed," Beckitt was quoted as saying by Birmingham Live.

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