A 19-year old Chinese man, who had sold his 18-day-old daughter on a popular social media site so that he could reportedly purchase an iPhone and a motorbike, has been jailed.

The Chinese man known as A Duan who belongs to Tong'an, Fujian province of south-east China was able to sell his 18-day-old daughter to a buyer on QQ, a famous social media website. According to People’s Daily Online, the buyer has paid 23,000 Yuan (around $3500) to purchase the infant daughter.

A Duan had reportedly sold the baby to purchase an iPhone and a motorbike. The baby’s mother, Xiao Mei, worked several part-time jobs whereas the father was mostly found spending time at cyber cafes.

When Mei had conceived the baby, she was below the age of consent while A Duan had not completed his high school education. He had sold the baby without Mei’s consent, Mirror reported.

It has been reported that the unnamed purchaser had bought the baby for his sister. The baby is still with the purchaser’s sister as the parents are in poor financial condition and they won’t be able to raise the child.  

After purchasing the baby, the buyer had reported about the incident to the police. After selling the baby, her mother had absconded from Tong’an. However, the police were able to find her after probing on the unlawful sale.

After arrest, Mei said to the police “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.” Considering the circumstances of the parents of the baby, the judge announced a sentence of three-year imprisonment for A Duan. Since Mei is taking care of her handicapped parents and raising her younger brother, she was given a suspended sentence of two and a half years by the court, Epoch Times reported.