Crime Scene
In this representational image, a policeman keeps watch near a police cordon of the crime scene in Mumbai, India, Aug. 23, 2013. Getty Images/ Indranil Mukherjee

A man who practiced sorcery in the Indian district of Korba, Chhattisgarh is accused of killing his mother and drinking her blood before finally butchering the body.

Dilip Yadav, 27, who allegedly butchered and burned his mother’s remains before the police arrived at the scene, is currently on the run. Apparently, Yadav believed that his mother was a witch responsible for killing his father and brother and was also the reason behind his wife’s separation from him, Times Of India reported.

Authorities have organized a manhunt for the suspect, so that they can arrest him before he harms anyone else.

Although the incident happened on New Year’s Eve it was not reported till three days later, because the woman who witnessed the gruesome act - Samiran Yadav of Ramkachar village – was too afraid to go to the police.

Samiran approached the Chaitma police station Thursday night and said when she went to visit the victim - 50-year-old Sumariya – who lived in her neighborhood, she heard strange noises. Upon getting closer to the house, she saw Dilip hacking his mother to pieces using an axe, swinging at her neck, chest, and head.

The sight of the murder made Samiran freeze. “I was shivering in terror and pressed myself against a wall,” she reportedly told the police.

As she waited rooted to the spot, she claimed that the suspect sat beside his mother’s body and began drinking blood that was oozing out of her wounds. The victim was still alive and struggling to breathe at the time.

Then she saw Dilip cut his mother’s corpse into pieces, carry them inside the house and throw them into a fire. After a couple of days, Samiran gathered the courage to discuss the “incident of cannibalization” with her son-in-law, who in turn informed the head of the village.

After hearing Samiran’s account of the incident, the police arrived at the Yadav's house and found blood spattered all over the floor and walls as well as charred bones and ashes on the floor. Chunks of human flesh, the murder weapon, ritualistic objects and books on black magic were also recovered from the crime scene.

Pieces of evidence found at the scene indicated that the suspect had offered the victim as a human sacrifice to appease the dark forces because of his hatred toward his mother, the police believed.

The news comes days after a Nigerian man, Samuel Sunday Otasi, 42, was arrested last week for tying his three children to a tree and poisoning them with pesticide over witchcraft suspicion. While two of the victims died, the third one narrowly escaped death.

“My father came to take us from our grandmother and told us that we were going to a church in Yenagoa, but when we got to the road, he and his brother took us to the bush and tied me and my younger brothers to trees and gave us 'Sniper' pesticide to drink. I managed to come to the road after I used my legs to untie the rope, where people saw me and took me to the hospital,” 14-year-old Success, the only surviving child, told reporters.