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  • Devan Rai, 65, was presumed dead after being reported missing
  • Rai's family accused a local leader and his brother of murder
  • Nilesh Mukhiya demanded the police investigate Rai after the incident

An Indian man showed up outside his house after being presumed dead, bringing confusion and delight to his family.

Truck driver Devan Rai, 65, returned home on Tuesday in Bhageda Ashram lane in Digha, Patna, three days after his family held a funeral and cremation for him, according to the Times of India.

His family members previously lodged a missing person complaint at the Digha Police Station.

A body was then recovered near bridge number 88 at Digha Ghat days later.

"The police called Rai's family to identify the body. They confirmed the body as him and a first information report (FIR) for murder was lodged by them," Ashok Kumar of Digha Police Station said in an interview with the outlet.

The family accused a local leader, Nilesh Mukhiya, and his brothers, Suresh and Umesh Prasad, of murdering the truck driver.

Meanwhile, after resurfacing, Rai, his wife Chanu Devi and his daughter-in-law were taken into police custody to explain the incident.

Rai claimed that a person came to him on Saturday and took him to Khagaul using his car. Later on, they went to Kanpur by train.

He further narrated that the same person dropped him off at Khagaul station on Tuesday, and he returned home in the afternoon.

It was still unclear what Rai did at the different locations. The identity of the man who allegedly accompanied him was also not disclosed.

Meanwhile, Mukhiya accused the family of maligning his image and that of his brothers, stating the police needed to investigate the incident.

"They have wrongly accused me in the fake murder case. If the person did not show up, then my brother and I would have been behind bars for no reason," he told the media.

Supporters of Mukhiya also expressed outrage against Rai's family upon learning of Rai's return.

The police assured everyone that they would investigate the matter.

"Appropriate action will be taken after a proper investigation in this case," Kumar added.

In March, a 60-year-old laborer, who was presumed dead by his family, returned home as his family was getting ready to hold a funeral for him in Kallakurichi.

He allegedly left home after an altercation with his sons, the New Indian Express reported.

Representation. The windows of the room where a family of four in India were found dead had their gaps sealed with tape. Pixabay