A British businessman stripped naked at the side of a busy road and tried to simulate sex with his BMW. In this representational image, Suffolk Police stop and question the driver of a BMW car on the outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk, in eastern England, Dec. 14, 2006. Getty Images/ Chris Young

A British businessman who appeared before a court recently for crashing his car, also stripped naked at the side of a busy road and tried to simulate sex with his BMW.

Michael Jameson, 37, of Islington, London, admitted to dangerous driving, outraging public decency and assault on the A55 in Holywell, North Wales. On June 16, Jameson was on his way to catch a ferry from Holyhead to Ireland, when he bumped into another BMW, driven by David Jones who was accompanied by his wife, Susan, at the time, Mirror Online reported.

Fearing that Jameson would crash into their car, Jones pulled over along a slip road. However, Jameson’s BMW bumped into the couple’s car, shunting it, which incurred damages of 1,689 pounds ($2,199). Jones and his wife got out in time for the culprit to rev his BMW and cause theirs to be pushed up 15 feet in the air.

After that, Jameson stopped revving his vehicle, climbed out through the open window and lay on the ground beside his BMW. Then he proceeded to take off his clothes and simulate sexual intercourse with one of the wheels of his car. At one point, he was even sprawled face down on the hood of the car.

According to the prosecution, a blood test carried out following his arrest proved that the defendant was not under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

Despite Jameson’s admission of guilt, probation officer Jonny Belbin told the court that the defendant recalled very little of what went down on the particular day except that he was driving toward the Holyhead port and that he was arrested.

“He can’t remember the dangerous driving or outraging public decency. He describes it as a mental breakdown caused by stress. He is greatly ashamed. He has a pub in Islington which he has undertaken for the last three years and he says it is very stressful. He has quite significant debts of 60,000 pounds to 70,000 pounds ($78,109 to $91,125) and he describes himself as having a problem with drink. He is concerned about his mental health since this incident,” Belbin said, The Leader reported.

Jameson’s lawyer, Patrick Geddes, also argued along similar lines. "It is unusual for dangerous driving and outraging public decency to come before you in one case. He is at a loss to explain his behavior, but he was under an enormous amount of pressure. The [arresting] officer assumed he was under the influence, but he was stone cold sober. He was struggling and he seems to have lost the plot. He obviously needs some sort of help,” he said.

Judge Joanna Lindfield gave the defendant 80 hours of community service and a year of driving ban. He was also told to pay 639 pounds ($831) compensation for the insurance cost for the distress caused to the victim and 170 pounds ($221) for court costs.

“We feel that the offence of outraging public decency was a bizarre episode which neither you nor we can explain. We hope the order will assist you in obtaining the help that you need,” Lindfield said.