A Department of Defense police chief was arrested for indecent exposure in Virginia this week. Chad Tearne, 41, is the police chief for the Defense Logistics Agency’s Defense Supply Center, was charged with two counts of indecent exposure, according to WTVR-TV.

The Defense Logistics Agency is part of the Department of Defense. Tearne joined as chief in January 2016, according to the website. He retired from the military in October 2016 and said he hoped to “develop a more community oriented police force.”

The incident in question reportedly occurred in October in the parking lot of a grocery store, authorities said. Few specifics about the alleged crime were released. Tearne was released on $1,600 bond.

“This is a sensitive case,” said Hanover Sheriff’s Sgt. James Cooper, according to WTVR. “But we’re absolutely going to investigate every case no matter who is involved.”

Tearne was expected to appear in court again Jan. 22.