Having debuted hats last season that were a cross between Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland with a hint of Mayfair Pilgrim but were still somehow enviably chic and stylish, who knew what Marc Jacobs had in store for Spring 2013 at New York Fashion Week. While those were certainly mad caps, turns out, Jacobs had a different madcap scene in store for Monday night's show at the Armory, which was set up to be an optical illusion with the swingin' 60's vibe of Andy Warhol's downtown Factory. (And what a better time to channel the inner Warholian with the upcoming exhibit, "Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years," opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sept. 18.)

Bold stripes in black, white, beige and red, zig zags and checkers paired with mod Edie Sedgwick-like pixie hair and eye liner-heavy makeup gave off the youthful effervescence that was the 1960's scenester. Tiny mini skirts, some of which had the models' backsides peeking out covered by matching underwear, were juxtaposed with ultra long pants and t-shirts to drive home the optical illusion factor. Legs weren't the only skin peeking through the oversized, boxy silhouettes; Many midriffs, whether it was a full crop top or just peeking through a suit blazer were exposed to add a bit of playfulness.

Jacobs nod to mod was further executed in the speed of his show comprised of 45 models, which was over almost just as it started on the high-speed runway, giving that feeling of a real-life fashion acid trip. Not to mention the swinging mirrored doors in the backdrop and the almost amphetamine-pitched sounds of The Fall emulating a modern-day Velvet Underground blaring all the way to the choreographed ending.