'Mass Effect 3' Ending: BioWare Responds To DLC Mistake, 'We Never Considered Charging' [VIDEO]
On April 10th BioWare released the "Resurgence Pack" as a free downloadable content addition for "Mass Effect 3" players. However, speculation stirred when a paid version of the DLC was accidentally released to the public, leaving some fans confused. Mass Effect

Now approaching three months after Mass Effect 3 was officially released, it seems concerns about the less-than-satisfying ending have begun to quiet down. Fans have made their opinion known to developer BioWare through various movements, such as the delivery of over 400 cupcakes to the office located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Although it may seem like the battle is over, with the company announcing a new downloadable content package to debut this summer, some players feel the fight is long from being finished. In an upcoming effort known as Operation Letter Tsunami, gaming advocate website Hold The Line encourages fans to send letters and postcards to vocalize their campaign. The Facebook event page, created by HTL members Yesika Reyes and Krista Hauser, divulges details on the operation.

In an attempt to create a more resounding impact, they [HTL members] will be sending all the letters/postcards to their respective initiatives during the same date, the Facebook page reads. Rest assured, we will not be sending these to a company mailroom but directly to the desks of key figures behind BioWare and EA like Dr. Ray Muzyka and Michael Lawder respectively.

The date is set for May 11th, and HTL lists five different options players can take when participating in Operation Letter Tsunami.

The first option is to send a letter to EA explaining what is at stake. Writers are urged to use any statistics regarding EA's stock value and price drops, and to express that they will boycott products from EA and BioWare. The second choice advises fans to send a letter to their friends explaining why they shouldn't buy Mass Effect 3 or other games from EA and BioWare.

The third states that players should send a letter detailing the problems individuals have with the two companies, their practices or their products, including a self-addressed stamped envelope for response. The letter should highlight what fans find lacking and what should be added, etc.

Idea four involves sending pictures, drawings, and anything related to gamers' children. The message behind this idea is to demonstrate that the ramifications of what we do today (and must) pass on into the future to help shape the gaming industry in a better way.

The final plan includes postcards simply voicing opinions on the game's ending and general practices by EA and BioWare.

This one is a bit special, use the guide and Blueprint E below on how to send this postcard, the Facebook page says.

At the end of April the HTL community published a call to arms post to rally the HTL community to join the cause.

This is the time where each of us can help, the post reads. You won't have to be able to draw a perfect Garrus nor will you have to code a new ending, what we ask of you is that you help by sending letters and postcards.

The ending of Mass Effect 3 outraged players when fans claimed that the conclusion didn't accurately portray the important decisions made throughout the entire series. EA was recently voted Worst Company in America beating Bank of America who was runner up.

We want to send letters and not just some letters, the call to arms post read. We will send postcards. We will send POV letters. We will send artwork. We will send them all. So be ready for it!