On April 10th BioWare released the Resurgence Pack as a free downloadable content addition for Mass Effect 3 players. However, speculation stirred when a paid version of the DLC was accidentally released to the public, leaving some fans confused.

BioWare's Michael Gamble, a producer for the space-themed RPG franchise, made a statement via Twitter regarding the unintended launch.

To set the record straight, the 320 point offer that some 'news' stories are referencing was for a reinforcement pack, no resurgence. We never considered charging for both resurgence and extended cut. Grind your axe elsewhere, the BioWare executive tweeted in response to a various articles that surfaced.

On the day that the Resurgence Pack was released, Kotaku reported that a $4 version mistakenly made its way to Xbox 360 consoles, warning players to be aware of the mistake. The official BioWare Twitter feed was quick to address the issue.

Please DO NOT purchase the 320 pt. 'Resurgence Pack' consumable on XBL dash, the company tweeted that day. This was erroneously uploaded & we are working to take it down.

This mishap came right after Electronic Arts was named Worst Company in America, beating out runner up Bank of America for the Golden Poo award.

It's not just over the 'Mass Effect 3' ending, writes William Usher of Gaming Blend when referring to EA's title. It's over 'Origin,' it's over Project $10, it's over early server closings, it's about DLC charity abuse.

Although BioWare hurriedly fixed the mistake and players were able to download the new multiplayer content for free, some were left wondering if this was another EA scam.

The screenshot clearly says 'Resurgence Pack,' no? writes Usher once again when referring to a screenshot of the original priced post. Even if it's for an entity within the DLC package 'erroneously' priced, it was still attached to a DLC with a 320 MS Point price tag.

But EA isn't the only video game publisher to come under fire recently regarding DLC controversies. When Street Fighter X Tekken was released, Capcom received some flak from fans due to confusion between disc locked content and downloadable content. The company said that the content locked onto the disc acts as a conventional DLC, but gamers argued that if the additions were ready for release they should have been included for free within the game.

Complaints were made to the Better Business Bureau, to which Capcom responded that the classic fighting game mash up provides great value for all players from day one.

However, some players were able to see Capcom's side of the argument.

I'm inclined to think that if you're satisfied with the game you got for the price you paid, it should be irrelevant whether 'extra' content is hidden on the disc or released online two months later, wrote Andy Chalk of The Escapist magazine.

The Mass Effect 3 DLC package was part of BioWare's solution to the massively negative reception of the three-part franchise's ending. The Resurgence Pack extends multiplayer gameplay, giving gamers six new playable characters, new weapons including a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, and two new maps.

Another downloadable content package called Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will be launched in June and will provide more insight into the game's controversial ending. BioWare revealed that the additional content includes new epilogues and cut scenes, but no playable content as far as we know.

Check out the trailer for the Resurgence Pack below.