BioWare recently released the Resurgence downloadable content pack to accompany Mass Effect 3, which was one of the company's responses to fans unsatisfied with the game's ending. The additional content is free for players to download, but it wasn't originally intended to be that way.

When the DLC went live on April 10, a paid version accidentally leaked out to the public, according to Kotaku. A message was posted that afternoon on the official BioWare Twitter page. Please DO NOT purchase the 320 pt. 'Resurgence Pack' consumable on XBL dash. This was erroneously uploaded & we are working to take it down! BioWare tweeted.

Some speculate that the DLC is only being offered for free to calm the backlash surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending and to combat Electronic Arts' Worst Company in America title. EA's behavior with respect to DLC for other titles supports this theory, according to CinemaBlend.

Many people pointed to previous DLC measures by EA, such as their handling of 'Tiger Woods [PGA Tour] 13' where they're basically charging for old maps since 2007, or charging to rent servers for 'Battlefield 3' amongst other savvy business tactics for making money on just about every other facet of gameplay, wrote William Usher of CinemaBlend.

And this idea seem to resonate among fans, who apparently believe raising their voices had an influence on the free content release by BioWare and EA. On -- a community of Mass Effect 3 fans dedicated to campaigning for a new ending -- a user reposted the article from CinemaBlend.

Apparently ... us fans had something to do with the DLC that has been coming out for free, the fan wrote.

While the Resurgence Pack offers new multiplayer maps, playable characters, and weapons, some are still adamant about an entirely new conclusion to the game. Before the pack was released, however, BioWare staff dropped hints on Twitter revealing that fan feedback played an important role in creating the new content. Fans can also expect to see more from BioWare this summer when Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is released. This will contain additional cut scenes and epilogues said to reveal more information behind the ending.

As of now, it's unclear whether this will bring the resolution gamers have been searching for, but one thing is clear: The fans have definitely made themselves heard.