A massive fireball caused by a meteor was spotted flying over Ireland on Monday. In a video captured by an eyewitness, the meteor appeared like a green glowing orb against the dark backdrop of the night sky.

Footage of the meteor was captured by Sean Linehan as he was driving through the village of Banteer in Ireland’s north County Cork. According to Linehan, the meteor appeared at around 7 pm GMT or 3 p.m. EDT.

As he was cruising along, Linehan was surprised to see a very bright object careen across the night sky. He then shared the footage of the object, which was captured by his car’s dashcam.

“Just caught this on my dashcam outside Banteer, Cork,” he posted. “Bright meteor/fireball flashing across the sky. Footage doesn’t do it justice, very cool.

Aside from Linehan, the meteor was also spotted by other witnesses from different areas. According to a spokesperson from Astronomy Ireland, the organization received multiple reports about the appearance of the object. The spokesperson also ruled out the possibility of the fireball being caused by a powerful firework.

“We’ve had sightings all over the country,” the spokesperson said, according to the Irish Mirror. “From Cork to Clare, Fermanagh to Dublin, Sligo, Galway. It wasn’t a firework folks, despite the week that’s in it. They don’t make them that big yet. Sounds like a meteor or a fireball.”

It is not yet clear if the meteor completely disintegrated in the sky or if some of its fragments managed to reach the ground. Astronomy Ireland has not yet released a statement regarding this matter.

According to the organization, the meteor that recently appeared over Ireland was not part of any expected shower. The spokesperson for Astronomy Ireland noted that since meteor showers are usually caused by a nearby comet, these kinds of cosmic events can be easily predicted.

Rogue meteors, on the other hand, are hard to anticipate since most of them are too small to be detected.

“Meteors are rarely expected,” the spokesperson explained. “They’re just pieces of rock, or space dust colliding with Earth’s atmosphere and burning up. Comets are the ones we can predict."