Learn to start a dropshipping side hustle
Learn to start a dropshipping side hustle Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

It's no secret that Amazon has been busy during the pandemic, but the actual numbers are staggering. The company reported first quarter net sales of $75.5 billion, up from $59.97 billion in 2019. Shopify has also grown heavily during this time, reporting $470 million in revenue for the first quarter. That's a 47% increase from 2019.

Long story short, now might be the perfect time to launch an e-commerce side hustle and go from on-line buyer to on-line seller. It's easier than you think if you go the route of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or drop-shipping with Shopify. Right now you can master both of these platforms with The Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Bundle--just $39.99 for 40 hours of complete on-line training.

If you're new to Amazon FBA or drop-shipping in general, the idea is fairly simple. Instead of heading to the post office every time a customer buys something, you rely on Amazon or a third-party to do the shipping for you. In many cases, you never even physically touch the goods you're selling.

The downside of drop-shipping is that you make less revenue per sale, but the upside is enormous in terms of simplicity. It's the perfect arrangement if you like marketing and customer service but don't like renting a warehouse. Many people make a full-time living with this model, and both Shopify and Amazon make it easy to sell with or without a website or existing customer base.

Here's a quick breakdown of these 8 highly-rated courses so you can see if this training bundle--and this new e-commerce life--sounds right for you:

  1. Launch a Successful Amazon FBA Brand in 2020: Your Complete Step-By-Step to Developing, Sourcing, & Marketing Best-Selling Products on Amazon
  2. Shopify Dropship Mastery: Build Your Own Dropshipping Store: Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Made Simple by Selling Other People's Products from Your Own Dropshipping Website
  3. The Complete Online Arbitrage Masterclass: Buy & Resell Online -- Get a Major Return on Your Investment Right from Your Computer
  4. Retail Arbitrage from Home with Software: Full Masterclass: How to Resell Products Online for a Profit Right from Home
  5. Product Sourcing: 33 Ways to Source Products for Amazon FBA & eBay: Know Exactly What You Need to Do to Turn Amazon FBA & eBay Into Massive Profit Generators
  6. Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginners: Learn How to Create E-Commerce Websites for Yourself & as an Added Service for Freelance Graphic Designers
  7. Amazon FBA: How To Sell On Amazon From A To Z!: From Sourcing to SEO, Sell Your Amazon Products with Expert Help
  8. 10 Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Make 6 Figures: Dominate Shopify Dropshipping with Powerful Strategies -- Perfect for Shopify, AliExpress, Oberlo & More in 2020!

You can purchase The Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Bundle right now at a substantially reduced price of just $39.99.

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