The cries of New York's political establishment fell on deaf ears in the Republican controlled House of Representatives where a bid to end homeland security grant cuts and reserve reduced funding for terror target cities was struck down.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg expressed his discontentment with the watered down Homeland Security funding bill saying it puts the safety of New Yorkers in jeopardy because the city remains a main terror target.

Just a few weeks ago, when the NYPD arrested two men plotting terrorist attacks in our City, we once again saw that the threat of terrorism remains very real, Bloomberg said.

The House voted 231 to 188 to approve the $42 billion Department of Homeland Security bill, filled with $1 billion less than in 2010 and $3 billion lower than the President's proposal.

New York stands to lose $100 million in federal funding if this version of the bill is passed by the Senate, Bloomberg wrote.

Even as we cut agency budgets across the board, New York City continues to prioritize funding for our anti-terrorism efforts, using $300 million in city taxpayer money to keep our citizens safe, he said.