McDonald's video homeless man
A McDonald's Big Mac, its signature sandwich, is held up near the golden arches at a McDonald's on Aug. 10, 2015, in Centreville, Virginia. Getty Images/AFP/Paul J. Richards

The owner of a McDonald's Corporation's franchise in Michigan said that he was “disturbed” by a video that showed an employee at a Detroit store throwing water at a homeless man. The employee was seen on video teasing the man with a hamburger before throwing the cup of cold water at his face.

The video was uploaded last week on LiveLeak and has garnered thousands of viewed. The employee was seen calling for the homeless man, identified only as Willy in the video, through a drive-through counter window. The video was captioned: “Videographer states that he did this as payback because the panhandler had earlier argued with a McDonald's customer,” according to the Daily Mail.

McDonald’s franchisee Wise Finley said in a statement, cited by NBC News on Monday: “I am very disturbed by the inappropriate behavior of this employee,” adding: “This type of behavior is not tolerated in my organization. I expect my employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and this was unacceptable.”

Finley added that he is “taking appropriate action with respect to this individual,” according to NBC News.

The video also received a lot of criticism over the employee’s actions on social media, with users demanding that the employee be fired. Some of tweets from infuriated viewers of the video are seen below.