Americans' seemingly insatiable appetite for Big Macs and Egg McMuffins helped McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) post stronger than expected global sales for July on Thursday, even as sales in Europe, the Middle East and Asia flagged.

Global comparable sales rose 0.7 percent in July 2013 over last year, the company said, led by a 1.6 percent sales boost in the United States.

Sales in Europe fell 1.9 percent, with sales in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa also down 1.9 percent. Poor sales in Germany, France, and southern Europe outweighed positive results in the UK and Russia.

Analysts had expected a 0.4 percent global gain, with near flat increases in the United States, alongside an expected 0.3 percent uptick in Europe, which wasn’t met.

July sales evidenced “modest” growth in line with expectations, said McDonalds CEO Don Thompson in a statement.

On a monthly basis, sales were up 1.6 percent from June 2013. The company has tweaked its menu in recent months, focusing on new breakfast offerings and new chicken McWraps.

In June, the company reported the first positive sales figures in months.

In July, McDonalds reported second-quarter earnings, with revenues slightly lower than expected. Thompson said then that due to recent sales trends, “our results for the remainder of the year are expected to remain challenged.”