Fifteen McDonald’s workers in eight states filed complaints against the fast-food chain, charging they were sexually harassed on the job.

The complaints were filed by Fight for $15 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of the workers against McDonald’s USA LLC and individual franchises in the last month. Many of the complaints say managers took no action when the incidents were brought to their attention.

Fight for $15 said “pervasive sexual harassment among fast-food workers” came to its attention in the last several years as it organized efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15. The workers want McDonald’s to adhere to the zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment outlined in its training manual.

A complaint filed by a Folsom, California, McDonald’s employee said her supervisor offered her $1,000 for oral sex. Former Folsom McDonald’s employee Kristi Maisenbach said her supervisor “grabbed [her] breasts on several occasions” and rubbed up against her, the Chicago Tribune reported. After she complained to a general manager, the supervisor became hostile and cut her hours, Maisenbach alleged.

In a complaint filed in Flint, Michigan, Cycei Monae said her manager showed her a picture of his genitals and said he wanted to “do things” to her, according to a Reuters report.

Another McDonald’s worker in Flint, Cortez Clerk, accused her manager of rubbing his genitals against her backside and trying to “grab her butt,” Time magazine reported, along with other complaints.

Consuelo Leon of Phoenix said her manager verbally abused her and two co-workers. She said the manager also cornered her when she was working the drive-through window and “caressed her back and then unsnapped her bra."

A complaint filed by Jasmine Bell of Milwaukee said her manager on multiple occasions “would lean over her when she was bending so his genitals were pressed against her or in her face when she looked up."

Fight for $15 said the complaints, filed against 14 franchise locations and one corporately owned McDonald’s, were filed by 13 woman and two men.

“As the country’s second-largest employer, McDonald’s has a responsibility to set standards in both the fast-food industry and the economy overall,” Kendall Fells, organizing director for Fight for $15, said in a statement.

McDonald’s issued a statement saying it takes sexual harassment seriously and is reviewing the complaints.