World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been suffering a minor image crisis in recent months with pro-wrestlers looking to leave the promotion and the morale backstage said to be at an all-time low. But Drew McIntyre has come out in support of Vince McMahon’s company by telling disgruntled superstars that the grass is not greener away from WWE.

Dean Ambrose left WWE after turning down a new contract in April and there have been multiple superstars putting in requests to be released from their contracts. The likes of Luke Harper, Lio Rush, tag team duo The Revival and reportedly even 4-time RAW women’s champion Sasha Banks have asked to be released but they have been turned down by the promotion.

The emergence of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has also expectedly emboldened the superstars as they are now aware that there is an alternative in North America where they can earn lucrative deals and have a more prominent role. McIntyre has criticized all the pro-wrestlers complaining about WWE and their position with the company.

The “Scottish Psychopath” has urged the unhappy wrestlers to leave the company and take the path he took after he was released by WWE earlier on in his career. He wants them to spend time away for the promotion to realize the value of WWE and what it offers to athletes living out their dreams.

"I do see people working hard around me, but in the same breath, I do see people complaining occasionally. It's brought to my attention that people are complaining and it's the same people I've seen not giving 100 percent in every area,” McIntyre said, as quoted on Wrestling Inc.

“If they genuinely believe they deserve the world, then maybe they need to take the original Drew McIntyre approach and take a little time away from the company and then once they're outside the company, they'll gain perspective. They're going to wish they figured it out within the company. The reason I know the answers is because I've been through it and if you want to do it the way I did it, you can try. But I assure you, it's not easy. There's about two or three people that have done it my way and succeeded,” he added.

McMahon is adamant that wrestlers currently under contract with the company will not be allowed to leave, and he has also resorted to adding time on the contracts of the athletes who missed time through injury.