• Melania Trump has welcomed the new Christmas tree in the White House
  • The FLOTUS was heard dissing the Christmas season in a leaked recording 
  • Some netizens still praised Melania for celebrating the season

Melania Trump faced another round of criticism from Twitter users after the first lady welcomed the White House’s new Christmas tree.

The FLOTUS was in good spirits when she welcomed the new Christmas tree in the White House. Melania shared snaps of it on Twitter.

"Today I welcomed the arrival of the beautiful @WhiteHouse Christmas Tree! We are excited to begin decorating the People's House for the holiday season! #WHChristmas," she wrote in the caption.

However, the netizens mocked Melania in the comment section due to a leaked recording of her slamming the season. Melania's former friend and adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote the book "Melania and Me," secretly recorded their conversation and leaked it. The FLOTUS' critics used the controversial recording to slam her.

"Thankfully we all know exactly how excited you truly are... In your own words," one commented, while sharing a clip of Melania saying, "Who gives a [explicit] about Christmas stuff and decoration? But I need to do it, right?"

"So disrespectful gross. Just leave already," another added.

"Melania, I overheard you complaining to those poor men who brought the Who Gives a [explicit] About Christmas Tree to the White House," @BettyBowers wrote.

Another netizen slammed Melania for not wearing a face mask. A different netizen even called her "selfish" for not thinking about other people's welfare.

"No s--t. No mask. What a display of disrespect for everybody else who was wearing one," @KoonsKarl wrote.

Meanwhile, many still chose to support Melania. Her fans and followers praised her for celebrating the season.

"That's the true spirit of CHRISTmas. Love and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters," one commented

"I am looking forward to how beautiful you will decorate the White House!! You have always made the White House look classy!! God bless you & your family!!” another wrote.

Some Twitter users also defended Melania from those who criticized her for not wearing a face mask. One said she was not contagious and encouraged others to get over their hatred toward the "Best FLOTUS ever."