Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, has been granted temporary guardianship of the three children left behind by the pop star.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff issued the order Monday morning, soon after Katherine Jackson filed a petition in Los Angeles Probate Court seeking legal guardianship of the children, according to New York Times.

A hearing has also been scheduled for Aug. 3 to determine whether Jackson's mother can become the children's permanent legal guardian.

The family also filed a petition asking that Katherine Jackson be named administrator of Michael Jackson's estate and that the children be named his sole beneficiaries. The filing did not say the value of Jackson's estate.

Given the nature and extent of the decendent's assets, it would be difficult if not impossible to quantify their value at this time, so the calculation of bond would be speculative at best, the petition said.

The partition guardianship petition said the grandmother should be named guardian as the minors have no relationship with their biological mother and they are currently residing with paternal grandmother.

They have a long established relationship with paternal grandmother and are comfortable in their care, the petition said.

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