In less than two months time, Microsoft will be cutting down some of the free storage options pertaining to the OneDrive cloud storage service, among others. This change is reportedly required from the company’s end to ensure productivity and collaboration.

As it turns out, Microsoft apparently found out that many customers are taking undue advantage of the unlimited storage options by saving bulky movie and DVR collections. In some cases, the storage limit has been overused to a whopping 75 TB. Because of the misusage of free service by some users, Microsoft has also cut down the storage limit for all.

According to Microsoft’s official OneDrive blog dated Nov. 2, the free OneDrive storage has been reduced to just 5 GB from the original 15 GB for all users. In addition, the additional 15 GB camera storage has also discontinued. This change of service plan will reportedly become effective from 2016.

Meanwhile, the company is axing the much-appreciated unlimited storage option on the Office 365. The ambit includes all three versions -- Home, Personal and University subscribers. The storage has been limited to just 1 TB. To top it off, the 100 GB and 200 GB plans have also been removed and a new 50 GB plan tied to $1.99 per month cost will be introduced starting 2016.

In the case of existing Office 365 users, the ones with 1 TB of stored data will have to find a different service to store that bulk within 12 months. The content will be deleted in case the users fail to find a backup at the end of 12 months. This rule is apparently applicable to users with 5 GB+ storage content as well. However, the current customers with 100 GB and 200 GB plans will not be impacted by this policy change.