Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro release date has reportedly been set for Wednesday, Nov. 11. Therefore, it’s time to revisit some of the best features that make the gigantic 2-in-1 tablet worth the wait.

Phenomenal Display

The gigantic 12.9-inch screen of the Apple iPad Pro features a killer 2,732 x 2,048 pixels resolution. Thanks to the bigger display size, the pixel density is quite modest at 265 pixels per inch (PPI). But then, Apple reportedly acknowledged that the display of the new iPad is sharper than the Retina screen clad MacBook.

In Jony Ive’s own words: “It’s [iPad Pro] actually the most advanced display we’ve made and with 5.6 million pixels it has the highest resolution of any iOS device.”

Apple Pencil

Similar to the Samsung S Pen and Microsoft Surface Pen, Apple’s brand new stylus is called a “Pencil.” Techno Buffalo, meanwhile, noted that the Pencil’s accuracy can trump any other digital pen. The stylus is apparently capable of understanding pressure-sensitivity with the help of the umpteen sensors housed on board.

The sensitivity metric considers the pressure as well as the angle at which the pen is used. To top it all off, there is apparently a built-in Lightning connector. Using which, an iPad Pro user can charge the battery of the stylus by plugging straight into the tablet.

Other than the Apple Pencil, there is also a new keyboard for the tablet. This keyboard can apparently double as a kickstand upon folding backwards.

Power-Packed Hardware

The Apple iPad Pro comes powered by an A9X processor, which is reportedly 1.8 times faster than the predecessor A8X, housed in the iPad Air 2, according to Tech Buffalo. This translates to faster processing, efficient energy usage and improved graphics. Apple apparently touted that the new tablet can one-up the current PCs available in the market.

In addition to the laptop-killer claim, the device is reportedly capable of optimizing medical application usage. The 3D-rendered skeleton is one such example, which can be used by doctors to explain the patients about their ailments in a better pictorial way.

Laptop-Like Native Storage Option

Unlike the other iPad models released thus far, the Apple iPad Pro’s base version starts at 32 GB, instead of 16 GB. Plus, the high-end version has a whopping 128 GB native storage space, similar to laptops and notebooks. Hence, it goes without saying that, the iPad Pro is targeted at professionals and power users. However, similar to other Apple devices, there is no microSD card slot for further expansion.

Lastly, here is the Apple iPad Pro price details for those planning to purchase this device: The 32 GB and 128 GB variants will reportedly set the buyers back by $799 and $949, respectively, The Inquirer noted. To top it off, the Apple Pencil costs $99 and the keyboard can be availed for $169.