Xbox One
Microsoft has been aggressive when it comes to marketing the seamless integration of Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft/Xbox (via the Xbox Wire)

In less than a week, Windows 10 will launch, and Microsoft wants to prep Xbox One and Windows fans on what’s coming on July 29. Hyping up the integration of the Xbox with the newest Windows OS, Microsoft has given users a few tips and pointers in preparing for Windows 10.

Over at Major Nelson’s blog, there are a few points that fans should take note of, especially those who are looking forward to the launch for the integration with the Xbox One. Windows 10 will bring DirectX 12 onto the Xbox One platform. For those who have been following the developments in graphics, DirectX 12 has been mentioned a few times and linked to an improvement there.

Specifically for gamers, there is also the Xbox app that’s meant for Windows 10. This will give players more ways to connect with friends on the go. More than that, the integration between the Xbox One and Windows 10 means that Xbox One games can now be streamed onto the Windows 10 PC, bringing an integrative Xbox Experience to multiple devices.

With this cross-device gameplay, Xbox One players can also use the Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller with the PC. An Xbox 360 controller adapter is already available, while an Xbox One adapter will launch this fall.

Along with the Windows 10’s arrival integration with the Xbox One is the faraway possibility of the Xbox One seeing both mouse and keyboard support. This has been pretty much confirmed by Xbox head Phil Spencer in a series of Twitter conversations with fans, Windows Central reported.

Spencer commented that the current offer is to allow Windows 10 streaming in the Xbox. He did state that while he liked the idea of Windows 10 streaming to the Xbox One, there is no plan yet in the works.

However, it appears that Microsoft is considering this somehow. When a fan commented that this would require support for the mouse on the Xbox One, Spencer had agreed and even dropped another hint.

“Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this to work, those aren’t far away,” Spencer said via Twitter. Whether or not the keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One will be for games, Windows 10 entertainment functions or both, Microsoft would need to expound on its plans more.

Xbox on Windows 10 presentation (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)