• Microsoft is anticipated to launch the Surface Duo 2 this year
  • The dual-screen device could come with a new component that would make it more durable
  • Microsoft has not yet confirmed that it is working on the Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could feature a new impact-resistant hinge capable of absorbing any knocks or bumps, making it a more robust handheld device, according to a new report.

The Surface Duo is one of the more durable foldable phones available in the market today. Consumers prefer its conservative way of designing the dual-screen device compared to other folding screens found on other mobile devices. Interestingly, it looks like Microsoft has found another way to take advantage of this edge. A patent filed by the tech giant in August 2020 and published on April 8, 2021, was recently spotted by Windows United and picked up by Windows Central.

The official company document reveals that the Redmont-based tech titan has developed bumpers with an impact-resistant element. These items can provide extra absorption needed by the device in case of overextension, knock, or drop. These bumpers for an unspecified device are attached to the first and second portions of the displays near the hinge.

Surface Duo
Microsoft's new dual-display Surface Duo. Microsoft

The concept is that the hinge is more robust that could better absorb any impact and could prevent the screens and the device from getting damaged. The patent further explains the functionality of the item, saying that "if the body 114 of the hinge 106 contacts the bumper 112 (e.g., by an overextension of the hinge 106), the bumper 112 will absorb some or all of the energy from the impact. This may help to protect the relatively more fragile material of the first portion 102 from being damaged."

One of the concerns consumers have about foldable and dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo2 is its fragile hinge. It could reduce the level of this concern should Microsoft decide to place this on the upcoming Surface Duo 2. A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a new update to the Xbox Game Pass Beta app that offers support to dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo.

With the new support, dual-screen mobile devices can transform into something like the Nintendo 3DS. Users can enable the use of the bottom half of the screen for controls and the top part for the display. The support is available in Surface Duo, which could also arrive in the incoming Microsoft SurfaceDuo 2.

In the absence of official confirmation about these speculated features, consumers are advised to temper their expectations and take this information with a pinch of salt. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is rumored to release in select regions this year.