• Microsoft Surface Duo is set to launch in other regions this year
  • Rumors have it that Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is arriving this year
  • The second-generation dual-screen device will apparently feature two major upgrades from the original device

Tech enthusiasts gave mixed reviews on the first dual-screen device Microsoft introduced in the industry last year. Rumors have it that the Redmond-based tech giant will introduce its successor, reportedly called the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. Based on the latest claim, the upcoming device will feature some major improvements that would fix the issues users have with its predecessor.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Rumors

The latest rumor comes from Windows Latest, which notes that the new Microsoft Surface Duo 2, codenamed Zeta, will feature improved camera performance and support for 5G connectivity. The device will reportedly utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to remarkably improve its image processing capability. These details apparently came from Microsoft job listings, one of which is looking for a software or firmware engineer in Taiwan.

The said job is responsible for "designing and coding RF drivers, including LTE and 5G operator certifications and PTCRB/GCF certifications on Surface Duo devices.” The description seemingly suggests that the 5G support is something Microsoft planned for the other installments of the Surface Duo, which could include the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. Another job listing reportedly hints at camera improvements, which mentions the use of AI and machine learning on Surface devices powered by Android, probably Surface Duo 2?

The new Surface Duo. Do one better.
Surface innovation comes to a mobile device. Impossibly thin and with two high-resolution touchscreens, Surface Duo features the best of Microsoft 365 and every Android app in the Google Play store. Microsoft Surface YouTube Channel

It is worth noting that these listings are from last Fall, and the company is no longer accepting applications for either job listings at this time. The other job listings spotted by Windows Latest were already taken down. There are lots of rumors floating online referencing features of Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Release Date

It remains to be seen if Microsoft is planning to release the device this year, despite rumors suggesting its imminent arrival. The original Surface Duo is still rolling out to more regions all over the world. With that in the timeline, there is a great chance that Microsoft would release the second-generation dual-screen device this year.

Considering that these are just rumors, fans should temper their expectations and take this information with a pinch of salt. If the rumors about improved camera performance and 5G connectivity support are accurate, it would be a welcome improvement for fans.