• Microsoft's new dual-display device, Surface Duo, is coming soon
  • The device is said to feature ample battery life, a report said
  • It may be released in less than a month's time

Dual-display devices are thought to consume more battery compared to single-display ones as two screens are drawing power from just one source. Tech companies, as a result, need to find a way to let devices with two screens last at least as long as, or longer than, single-display devices like smartphones.

Microsoft's upcoming Android-powered dual-display device, the aptly named Surface Duo, is said to have a battery that will allow it to power through the day's activities. This is remarkable as the new device has two screens that are equal in size, and unlike the screens of the Galaxy Fold, Moto Razr and Galaxy Z Flip, both of its displays operate at the same time.

Use it all day

The upcoming Microsoft device is said to feature a 3,460 mAh battery, Windows Central reported, citing unnamed sources. This battery might not be that huge, especially when compared to the batteries in some devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy M30s' 6,000 mAh battery, but the reporter said it will be enough.

“I'm also told that Surface Duo will ship with a 3460mAh battery, which contacts have said is able to get Surface Duo through the day, but don't expect an endurance champ,” Windows Central's Zac Bowden wrote.

This seems to indicate that Microsoft may have found a way to optimize the upcoming device so that users will be able to use its suite of productivity apps without having to worry about looking for a wall outlet to plug a charger in.

Microsoft will get back into the smartphone market with a new kind of folding device call Surface Duo, which will be launched next year and will be compatible with Android apps from tech rival Google's mobile operating system
Microsoft Surface Duo Microsoft / HO

That said, his last line there indicates that users shouldn't expect too much from the Surface Duo in terms of battery life. Nevertheless, the ability to last through the day sounds remarkable for a new, untested device that has two screens working at the same time.

Other specs

The Surface Duo also has other features that are worth noting. Here's a quick rundown on what fans can expect from it:

  • Two screens

The Surface Duo has two AMOLED screens that measure 5.6 inches individually but provides 8.3 inches of screen estate when used simultaneously.

  • Innards

The device is said to feature a Snapdragon 855 chip that's backed by 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage for photos, videos, music and documents.

  • Camera

The device is expected to feature one “world-class” 11MP camera on the right side. This will be used for both front and rear-facing shots.

  • Release date

Microsoft may be able to start shipping the Surface Duo in a few weeks' time, specifically starting in the week of Aug. 24, Windows Central reported. However, this isn't confirmed at the moment.