Microsoft Surface Dock
Microsoft is giving away free Surface Dock worth $200 on Surface Pro 4 models that are already discounted by $100. Microsoft

Microsoft Store is now offering exciting discount of $200 on Surface Pro 4. Also, buyers can avail a free Surface Dock. Microsoft is also offering Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Band and Surface 3 devices at discounted prices.

According to Win Beta, in order to celebrate President’s Day, Microsoft has launched an attractive discount on the Surface Pro 4. The deal is only available at retail outlets and online on the Microsoft Store website. It is a one-day promotion offer that provides a free Surface Dock worth $200.

The Surface Dock is a device that transforms a Surface product into a desktop PC. The device comes with several ports such as LAN port, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Mini Display ports, and an audio jack. The Surface Dock can be connected to the Surface Pro 4 by using a magnetic cable.

The Surface Pro 4 was announced in October 2015. Now all the variants of the device are discounted by $100. The offer is available until Feb. 27. The price of the base model is $799 and the highest configuration variant can be availed for $1,699. The specifications range from 128GB to 512GB, 4GB to 16GB RAM and Intel Core M3 to Core i7 processors.

The Surface Pro 3 variants are also available with $100 until March 31. Currently, most variants of Surface Pro 3 are out of stock. The Redmond giant is also offering $50 discount for buyers of Microsoft Band 2. After the price cut, the Band 2 is now available for $200. This offer is valid until Feb 20.

The newly released Surface 3 is also available with $100 discount. The Wi-Fi only variant is available for $499 whereas the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity variant is available for $599. For Surface 3 buyers, Microsoft is offering $30 discount on Surface Dock, Windows Central reported.