Yet another “Laptop Hunter” ad from Microsoft has been rolled out that attacks Apple on its higher-end price tag.

In the 4th ad of the Laptop Hunter ads from the software giant, the ad follows a new law student who is also named Lauren, just like the first ad. (Could it somehow be a coded message from Microsoft, telling us it's the end of these ads?)

She goes shopping for a laptop with her mom and says she is looking for speed, portability, and battery life for under $1,700.

As she goes around looking at what is on offer in the PC section, she then moves onto the Mac's. She looks at a MacBook Pro that costs $2,000 when her mom cross-examines her: Why would you pay twice the price? Lauren replies: I wouldn't.

In this ad, the shopper ends up buying a Dell XPS 13 which costs $972.

Check out the commercial below.

Check out Apple's response to these Laptop Hunter ads: