Microsoft launches a feature called Tamper Protection for all the 800 million Windows 10 users. The feature comes as one of this season’s most important security updates answering the consecutive issues that the software giant’s customers face for months now.

Microsoft confirmed that it has now rolled out the Tamper Protection to all its 800 million Windows 10 users across the globe. This important security update is the company’s offensive attack against the multiple attempts of malicious moves against the Windows Defender.

One recent specific malicious attack against the Windows Defender is the Zombie Attack of Nodersok Windows. It works by not just weakening the defense of the Windows Defender, but it completely disables the antivirus program making it easier to penetrate the entire Windows system.

Shweta Jha, the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) team program manager said that before disabling the Windows Defender Antivirus service, the malicious attack monitors the devices’ associated behavior and scans script services to dismantle the antivirus wall and make it easier to launch the attack.

Tamper Protection works by strengthening the Windows Defender making it hard if not impossible for the malware attacks to disable the Windows 10 antivirus.

System Requirement

Tamper Protection is now available for all Windows 10 powered devices. Although it originally required for the Windows 10 1903 installation, Microsoft is now making this feature easily accessible to all assuming that all Windows 10 devices will eventually update to Windows 10 1903.

Where to Find the Tamper Protection

Microsoft is trying to make the Tamper Protection by default although not all Windows 10 devices are updated to the latest version.

Jha assured the millions of Windows 10 users that the company is currently turning on the feature gradually. The ATP team program manager, however, reminded the users to check on the Windows Security, and enable the Virus & Threat Protection options for Windows Defender for users to be able to enjoy the Tamper Protection benefit.

Windows 10 users are also given the option to disable the Tamper Protection should they wish to. They only need to go to the same environment that they entered upon activation of the protection and turn it off.