Microsoft issues another warning to Windows 10 users telling them about the presence of a hack attack. In order to keep their devices safe from the vulnerabilities, the software giant urges each user to install SSU first.

Reports surfaced the internet about Microsoft urging the almost 800 million Windows 10 users to update their devices to the servicing stack update (SSU). As per the reports, going with SSU first help keep the Windows 10 users’ devices free from the risk of a hack attack.

Microsoft further elaborated that amidst the scheduled release of the Windows 10 October cumulative update, users’ must install the SSU first as it plays an integral part in mitigating potential issues while installing the feature updates as well as the latest quality updates.

What is Servicing Stack Update

Servicing stack update is not released regularly, not even every month. Classified as a critical security update, it is only out when the need arises. This means that once SSU is released, there is an urgent call for users to respond to.

Microsoft describes SSU as a significant update that supports most of the important Windows 10 updates maintaining and improving the software update’s reliability. Although it is not a high profile Windows component, it targets and troubleshoots issues that could come along significant Windows 10 updates.

SSU addresses the issue that some Windows 10 users encountered like some issues in the secure boot revocation list. SSU also targets some Windows update installation component issues.

What Happens If Windows 10 Users Do Not Install SSU First

On the other hand, Microsoft customers who refuse to install their SSU on their Windows 10 devices may still be able to install the October cumulative update on their devices. However, there is a high risk that they will not be able to properly install the latest security updates.

The most serious consequence that Microsoft users could face upon failing to install the SSU on their Windows 10 devices is the potential hack attack. Failure to update leaves the devices vulnerable to a list of hacks like “Complete Control” and other critical zero-day exploits.

Microsoft gave the assurance that the October SSU is available for all versions of Windows 10.