Microsoft doesn't like Apple's iPad making inroads on its turf -- the enterprise market -- and it's about to let people know.

According to marketing material obtained by tech blog ZDNet, Microsoft blasts the iPad's video conferencing abilities, filing tools, offline productivity and its lack of direct Flash and Silverlight support.

In a PowerPoint presentation from December 2010, Microsoft says the iPad has limited enterprise manageability, security, hardware and support. The Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant says security, a major issue for enterprise customers, is irregular and inconsistent, as Apple isn't always forthcoming with security patches or disclosing vulnerabilities.

While Windows 7 was not created with tablets in mind, Microsoft has unveiled several devices in conjunction with manufacturers such as Samsung, Toshiba and Lenovo. Microsoft says the devices, are well-suited for both content consumption and creation. The company also emphasizes Windows diverse offerings, saying it has choices across the spectrum from touch, speech, video, user interface and writing.

During Apple's first quarter earnings call last week, stand-in chief executive Tim Cook said the iPad has made great headway in the enterprise market. He said it is being used by 80 percent of the largest companies. Cook said enterprise customers have seen the device's value from a productivity and creativity point of view. All told, the company said it sold 7.3 million iPads in its most recent quarter.

Neither Microsoft nor Apple did returned calls for comment.