Mike Tyson is not just one of boxing's most celebrated heavyweight champions; he's now also a bonafide grower of weed. This week, the 53-year-old boxer-turned-entrepreneur said that he and his co-host smokes around $40,000 worth of pot in a month. 

The legendary slugger said on his podcast, "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" that he bought a 40-acre ranch in California earlier this year to expand his business. His associate and co-host, Eben Britton stated during the cast that both he and "Iron Mike" smoke "ten tons of weed on the ranch a month."

“Is it $40,000 a month? It’s $40, yeah, $40,000 a month,” quipped Tyson. The American pugilist's ranch in Death Valley sells at least $500,000 worth of weed to dispensaries in Nevada and California.

Tyson has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2005, after losing to Kevin McBride via RTD. In the late '80s, the Brooklyn native became the youngest heavyweight champion in his era. 

But some people are skeptics of his claim. Users in several social media platforms have lambasted the former champ for consuming too much weed that it's already unbelievable. 

In the comment section in RT, a person commented that said that "he isn't saying he smokes that much himself. If he is, he's lying." Another commenter finds his admission "BS," and added that it's "not even possible." 

On Instagram, a man criticized the champion for spending $40,000 worth of pot. He said that "how is that possible when you're in financial turmoil?" 

Meanwhile, naysayers in Twitter have resorted to different memes relating to Tyson's $40,000 a month consumption. 

Another social media commenter also believes that Mike is lying. The woman said that "400 people couldn't smoke $40,000 a month." She adds that Tyson is "charging way too much money for his pot, so he's trying to justify ripping off everyone who buys from him."

The US marijuana industry is worth billions of dollars and is one of the fastest-growing business ventures in the country. Estimates from government agencies have put the total profits to $52 billion this year alone. 

More and more people are buying pot since ten US states have legalized recreational marijuana use. Thirty-three states also allow medical marijuana use. Illinois became the most recent state legalize its use after Gov. JB Pritzker pushed a bill to authorize its use.