• Mike Tyson admitted he like UFC and MMA more than boxing
  • Tyson once said he would probably consider fighting for UFC
  • Chuck Liddell claimed he woul beat Tyson in a fight

Mike Tyson revealed why he likes watching UFC and MMA more than boxing.

Only few can argue that Tyson didn’t have a God-given KO power in boxing. He was best known for viciously sending his opponents crashing to the ground. In fact, even after repeatedly saying he’s officially done with boxing, some fans still hoped to see him fight once again.

Though Tyson never participated in a professional fight since 2005, some in combat sports suggested that he would be a good MMA fighter. In fact, in 2012, Tyson even stated that he’d “probably” consider fighting for UFC if he was still in his prime.

When MMA was starting to be recognized as a mainstream sports, UFC became its most successful promotion. At the time, fantasies of Tyson entering the octagon became a logical idea as well. However, the legendary boxer has stated he has no plans of coming back to fighting again. After all, Tyson stayed connected with combat sports but only as a celebrity fan.

In an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated, “Iron Mike” finally revealed his real thoughts about UFC, MMA and boxing. According to the legend, UFC events are safer than boxing events and in MMA, everybody is just having fun.

“I don’t go to many fights. Periodically my wife likes to go to the UFC. It’s like a party there, so that’s awesome. It’s like a real safe party with your parents there. You can’t get too bombed. Everybody is laughing, having fun,” Tyson said.

“(In) boxing, everybody’s out for themselves, go for it. MMA, it’s pretty controlled,” Tyson added.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson sporting regular teeth with his signature gap. REUTERS

Last November, UFC legend Chuck Liddell made a bold statement about the outcome of a street fight with Tyson. According to Liddell, he would have beaten Tyson in a street fight. A claim which fans immediately became enraged about. Many have bashed Liddell for firing shots at the legendary boxer. Liddell followed up his statement and clarified that he has an advantage over Tyson once he takes the boxer to the ground and not in a stand-up fight.

One of Tyson’s recent statements about fighting in UFC may have finally answered Liddell’s claim as he admitted that he has no idea of what he can do inside the cage. Tyson also emphasized that he is quite sure that if someone steps on his feet, he will quickly tap out.

To this day, both MMA and boxing fans still debate whether Tyson would do good in UFC or not.