Maryland, right next to political hub Washington, D.C., has more millionaire households per capita than any other state in the United States.

Maryland is home to more than 2 million households that have more than seven figures in their bank accounts -- that’s 7.7 percent of the state’s population -- according to a new ranking of U.S. states by per capita millionaire households from research firm Phoenix Marketing International.

In comparison, Washington, D.C., has the 10th-highest concentration of the very rich, with 6.1 percent of all households falling into the millionaire category.

New Jersey (7.5 percent) and Connecticut (7.3 percent) came in second and third in the rankings.

Here’s a map of the full rankings. Click on any state for more info:

But Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut have always had a lot of millionaires. New Jersey and Connecticut are within commuting distance of New York City, and Maryland is home to a lot of people who commute to D.C.

The really interesting part of this set of millionaire data is which states gained and lost the most millionaires.

Nevada and Arizona saw a steep decline in their millionaire population from 2012 to 2013, while North Dakota, Maine and Louisiana saw a steep increase.

Here’s a map that looks at the change in the millionaire ranking of each state from 2012. Click on any state for more info.

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