Bill Maher
Friday's episode of Bill Maher's HBO show featured a short clip of unflattering Mississippi residents. Reuters

Is Mississippi, the most conservative and poorest state in America, racist, toothless and idiotic?

Alexandra Pelosi, filmmaker and daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), shot a short video for Friday's episode Bill Maher's HBO show Real Time about Mississippi voters that featured state residents stereotypical of the American South.

Among them were a tooth-challenged man complaining about the government yet adamant that he is entitled to food stamps; an older gentleman wearing a trucker hat who says he can't stand the president because his name's Obama and is a half-breed;' a younger man who says Obamacare is retarded but concedes that the poor people of his state are in need of healthcare; and a man who declares the South will rise again.

Nicole Roberts, spokeswoman for Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, said the governor is aware of the video but was yet to respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

On Friday's show, Maher said the purpose of Pelosi's segment that aired on Real Time was not about mocking Mississippi but to get into the minds of voters there. Mississippi's Republican presidential primary is Tuesday.

You never did you like the president ever, did you? Pelosi asks one of the subjects. Never, and never will, the man says. Why not? Pelosi asks. One thing, his name's Obama, he said. I don't like it when I see him on TV; I turn it off. I don't like him.

Is it because he's black? Pelosi responds.

No, it's not because he's black, because he's a half-breed. He's black, too, but he's a half-breed, the man says.

This is America. Our president should be American, not Muslim, said another Mississippi resident.

A man on a motorcycle wears a patch on his vest that reads, I'm Proud To Be White.

Pelosi asks the man why he doesn't like black people. He shrugs and says, I just don't.

A tooth-challenged man espoused his hatred for government.

They don't show me anything, he said, despite getting food stamps.

You get food stamps! Pelosi responds in shock.

Yeah, but I think I deserve food stamps. I have no employment, the man responds.

Another man proclaims, I hate Obamacare. I think it's retarded and pointless.

But a lot of people in Mississippi need health care? Pelosi says.

The man then shakes his head and says, yeah, unable to back up his argument.

The filmmaker also asks the subjects why they think Mississippi is the poorest state and the most conservative state.

We're not gonna be pushed over, one of the men says. We lost the [Civil] War, that's true. But we're not gonna be pushed around, we're not gonna back down from what we believe. And like the tag on the front of my truck says, 'The South will rise again.'

Is Mississippi really this racist and bigoted? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.